Flash Website

A Flash website is a website consist of:

This site features an attractive appearance and fit companies that rely on dazzling visual in providing services to visitors of the site
But the site must be content with a few add text to it requires speed internet.
View products and services in a manner flash on the first page

  1. Photos
  2. website with 2 Language
  3. Number of Pages:4-8

Parts of site:

  1. Home page: includes an overview of the whole website
  2. Our Services: describe the services of companies
  3. Photo Gallery: to shows the company photos
  4. Video Album: includes all the videos
  5. About Us: an overview about the company
  6. Contact Us: All the communication Data

Extra Free services:

  1. Flash animation Banners
  2. Monthly Static Reports
  3. Link the website with Social Media website such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
  4. Free maintenance for 1 year
  5. Design with

Payable Services:

  1. Design Logo for Site
  2. Translation of the site

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